Impact Hubs

The Club of Rome Impact Hubs harness the diversity of the Club’s activities and perspectives, of its members and the ecosystemsto which they belong. They serve as a creative impact space where Club of Rome members, associations and partners share transformational thought leadership and co-design solutions for impact.

Climate-Planetary Emergency

Climate change is the most pressing global challenge, constituting an existential threat to humanity. The Club of Rome’s Climate Emergency Plan sets out 10 priority actions for business, government, civil society and individual citizens. Planning for climate emergency is a pragmatic response to a known risk and humanity’s insurance plan for survival and a positive future.

Rethinking Finance

The global financial system is currently at the service of an outdated economic paradigm. It acts as a means of wealth accumulation for a narrow elite, whilst disregarding the negative externalities of environmental damage and social inequalities. A new, sustainable finance system will be a core pillar of a new economy which serves both humanity and the planet.

Emerging New Civilization

A new paradigm is essential to clarify our role as a species within the greater Earth Community. Conversations are needed to agree on core values that promote human dignity, respect for nature and protection of the commons beyond current generations. These would be foundations of a stewardship culture for all we do as a human race.

Reframing Economics

The metrics applied to human and planetary progress must extend innovatively beyond GDP to reflect the true cost, risk and opportunity of human pursuits. A new set of values and principles must be explored.

Young Leadership & Intergenerational Dialogue

There is a growing need for greater intergenerational dialogue in addressing some of humanity’s most pressing issues. In this context, the Club of Rome will establish a global young leadership programme, based on three key areas –Education, Engagement and Action. This pillar recognisesboth the value of nurturing future leaders through education -inspired by the Club of Rome’s core vision for a sustainable future for humanity and the planet -whilst acknowledging the need for this mutual learning process to be leveraged and translated into concrete projects with genuine and lasting impact.

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