Planetary Emergency Partnership Anniversary Series

Jun 25, 2020

One year after the launch of the Planetary Emergency Plan during the London Climate Action Week 2019, the Club of Rome, Potsdam Institute, WWF and Planetary Emergency Partners reflect on the ‘Emergence from Emergency’ narrative in a post-COVID context and celebrate the achievements of the Partnership which has grown to over 250 members during its first year.

Further information and registration.

The anniversary series will be kicked off at 12h BST. Together with the Potsdam Institute, the Club of Rome looks forward to generating a discussion around the revision of the Planetary Emergency Plan in light of the current context, with the aim of taking into consideration learnings from COVID-19 and laying-out the road ahead for a successful Climate COP26, Biodiversity COP15 and the necessary pillars for global resilience to future health-climate-biodiversity crises.

The afternoon programme will continue with a series of partner-led events (14h-18h BST), highlighting the multiple facets of planetary emergency (from health and nature-based solutions to sustainable finance) – a testament to the diverse nature of the Partnership and the need for immediate action to secure a healthy planet for healthy people.

A virtual reception and ‘cocktail event’ will close of the afternoon in style (around 18h BST), for it is not a true celebration without a toast.

Programme overview:

12-14h BST – High-Level Roundtable: Emerging from Emergency 2.0, The Club of Rome & Planetary Emergency Partners

14-15h BST – Discussion Panel: Together With Nature: Four Principles for Nature-Based Solutions, Global Optimism & The Club of Rome

15-16h BST – Discussion panel: A Nature-Positive Recovery for People Economy and Climate, Nature4Climate
16-17h BST – Webinar: Climate Change is a Health Emergency, The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

17-18h BST – Discussion panel: Financing a Resilient Recovery and Unpacking Key Barriers to Change, Triodos Bank, SYSTEMIQ & The Club of Rome

18h BST – Toast to the Planetary Emergency Partnership and its first anniversary

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